Show Guidelines


Location: Several locations should be evaluated by the Directors and members for suitability and having both black and white shows. We also need to establish a season we are going to have a show preferably fall and how often we are going to have a National Show.

Editors Note: Once the location is decided the following is more of a laundry list of how to go about it. Some of it includes information in selecting sites as well as what to do pre-during-post show. This list is both general and specific. All items do not have to happen at every show, i.e. silent auction.

  1. Show location.
    1. The person to contact at each fair is different. It could be show superintendent, fair manager, exhibits manager, or whoever. Many times one of the members mat already have their foot in the door at a fair. If it is not the Director, then perhaps a member in that region.
    2. Keep Calling. One call usually does not get a call back. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    3. Have all your questions ready.
  2. Questions to For CBA to answer first
    1. How much is CBA going to put up for the Show? Are we in a financial situation to do more than the $200? That does not go very fair for two shows Black and White. $400 for premiums and $100 for Juniors.
    2. How does the Association want the money distributed? This information needs to be in some written form to the coordinator that can be passed on to the fair. If they do not give us anything for our money should we be giving them anything?
    3. Who is the CBA member coordinating the show. They must be emailed on all the discussion going on regarding the show as they may have input as to logistics and information. This did not happen this year.
    4. Will there be a silent auction? Who will be in charge
    5. Workshops
      1. Will there be any?
      2. How many?
      3. Who is it open to?
      4. What will it be?
      5. Is there a charge?
      6. It should be in Premium Book for Registration. (even separate registration to association)
      7. Facility needed.
      8. Who will be doing it?
  3. Fair Coordinator – Questions for the Fair
    1. Would they want to have the CBA National Cotswold Show?
    2. Could we have a Black and White Show?
    3. What are their premiums and would they be willing to match any additional money we were to give to them?
    4. What would we be receiving for the money? Premiums, Ribbons, Rosettes, Etc.
    5. What are their health requirements coming into their state and fair? Much of the west would not be able to go to New York and show as many vaccinate for Blue tongue.
    6. Could we have any input for a list of wool judges? This would be at least two years in advance so perhaps a possibility.
    7. Is there a room or location for a workshop if we want to do one and can it be put into the entry book?
    8. Is there a non public area for us to have our Annual Meeting?
  4. Other things to be in charge of:
    All must work with and through the Show Coordinator.

    1. Show Coordinator
      1. Camping Available
        Dry or connected – Fair grounds or offsite only
      2. List of Hotels/Motels in area with addresses and phone numbers – Many of the fairs already have a list and some will give fair participants a discounts.
      3. Work with other Committee Coordinators and Directors
      4. Report updated information on a regular basis in the Newsletter. (it should be a two year process); Items such as dates, premiums, fair website, activities.
      5. Let fair know how to distribute the money we give them
      6. Contact Directors to encourage group travel to shows for more participation.
      7. Get Pictures (especially of Champions) and Results for next Newsletter
      8. Most import: Ask questions or help from those of us who have done it before. We are always there to help. Take a giant step and give it a try.
    2. Awards Coordinator (not the show coordinator)
      1. What awards do we want to give? Traditional are: Champion Ram and Ewe, Reserve Champion Ram and Ewe, Young Flock, Something for each Junior Exhibitor. Outstanding Breeder Black and White
      2. Solicit Donations for Awards, or actual awards depending on the situation
      3. Make sure they get to the Show
    3. Workshop Coordinator (not the show Coordinator)
      1. Work with the show coordinator
      2. Get information into entry book
      3. Handle registration
      4. If they are not the one putting on the workshop, then work with the person putting it on.
    4. Silent Auction Coordinator (not the show coordinator)
      1. Obtain silent auction donations
      2. Arrange rotation of manning the table
      3. Collect the money
      4. Deliver the auction items
      5. Get the money to the Treasurer