2020 Ewe Futurity Results

by Site Admin on October 27, 2020

Please see the following documents for the 2020 Ewe and Ewe Lamb Futurity Results:

2020 Junior Ewe Lamb Futurity Results

2020 Yearling Ewe Futurity Results

2019 Ewe Futurity Results

by Site Admin on December 26, 2019

The 2019 ewe futurity had three youth and a total of two junior ewes and three yearling ewes. The junior ewes will be eligible to be nominated for the 2020 Yearly Ewe Futurity.

This year’s futurity was a horse race to the end. It was the closes in points that we have ever had going down to the placings at NAILE breaking the ties. Congratulations to the breeders of these ewes on your breeding programs and thank you for supporting our Cotswold youth by providing great ewes for these youth. Congratulations also to these three youth for their care of these animals.

Junior Ewe Futurity results: first, Ava Kemper (MO) with Meyer 1931 and second, Addison Kemper (MO) with Meyer 1935.

Yearling Ewe Futurity results: first, Emilio Smith Gomez (AR) with B&N 696; second, Ava Kemper (MO) with Meyer 1820; and third, Addison Kemper (MO) with Meyer 1845.

From left to right: Butch Watson, President; Ava Kemper; Addison Kemper, and Emilio Smith Gomez.