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Last Name First Name Farm Name City State ZIP Website
Anderson C. J.   W. Charlton NY 12010
Breder Ethan Snowson Shire Snohomish WA 98290
Brown Amy   Valdosta GA 31602
Burns Cody & Kim 2B EWE Hooper CO 81136
Carey Suzanne Marble Meadows Wallingford VT 05773
Carter Heather & David Talon Farms Vincent AL 35178 Website
Casey Linda & Lindsey Piney Wood Farms Taylorsville GA 30178 Website
Caulfield Jane Far Out Farm Cornersville TN 37047
Caulfield Kim Far Out Farm Cornersville TN 37047
Clafin Amber & Doug   Devore CA 92407
Claflin William Triple C Ranch Devore CA 92407
Day Sarah   Enumclaw WA 98022
Dowdy Joyce Dowdy Farm Mt. Vernon OR 97865
Doyle Pam Fiction Farm East Corinth VT 05040
Eade Robert Eade Sheep Farm Addieville IL 62214
Faber Linda Faber Farm Camden NY 13316
Frerking Cricket & Cara Ten Cat Farm Uhrichsville OH 44683
Galante Laura Trimont Farm Marshall VA 20115 Website
Garrett Kenleigh   Albion IL 62806
George Mother Hildegard Our Lady of the Rock OSB Shaw Island WA 98286
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